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exterior image of Club Fitness Creve Coeur
Welcome to the Creve Coeur location, which is one of 17 in the St Louis area.


Club Fitness is what I refer to as a “big-box gym”, meaning they offer a huge assortment of cardio & strength equipment, group fitness classes PLUS personal trainers and amenities that give their clientele many options on how they want to work out.   With 17 locations across St Louis and a low cost of membership, Club Fitness is a great value for people of all ages. 

What makes Club Fitness unique 

Club Fitness is open 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.  So, if you like to work out in the middle of the night, you can!  Simply enter with your keycard any time (please note- staff is generally not present overnight)!  The Club Fitness+ app offers you on-demand workouts, class booking, and the ability track your progress on your fitness goals.     

inside peak of bodypump class, participants working triceps with plates or handweights overhead
A BodyPump Class, where barbells, plates and hand weights are used to strengthen and tone the body.

Classes Offered

Club Fitness offers over 400 classes each week across their 17 locations, which is one reason I am a fan of this gym.  They offer traditional group fitness classes, like BodyPump (barbell strength), Step, Yoga, Zumba, TurboKick (kickboxing) and many more. 

Select locations have boutique fitness studios within the larger gym. The Ellisville location, for example, has a separate Cycling Studio & a Women’s Training Studio, which gives females a private place to access a variety of cardio and strength equipment.  Ellisville also has Burn Zone classes, which are my favorite!  With a personal trainer as your coach, you will spend roughly 8 minutes in 5 different zones that target core, cardio, strength and resistance training.  The class focus changes each day (from cardio to legs to arms, etc), but it always kicks my butt!  The Creve Coeur location has a Pulse Studio, which is similar to Burn Zone but self-guided at your own pace in addition to a Cycle Studio.  Check online to see the offerings at each location!  


Bring your own towel!  With all the built-in amenities, its odd they don’t offer hand towels OR full size for the shower, so don’t forget to stash one in your gym bag! Also you will need your own lock, shampoo & conditioner if you plan to stash your stuff in the locker rooms & take a shower!  They do have body wash.

Membership Options

Club Fitness offers 3 membership options, depending on which locations/amenities you will use – the Single Club membership is $25.99, a Premium membership is $33.99 (doesn’t include Kids Club, Burn Zone, etc) and a Platinum Membership for $39.99 (includes all location/all amenities).  One caveat, your membership is locked in for a full year.  Before committing, get a complimentary trial online!         


Club Fitness has 19 locations in the St. Louis area.  Take a virtual tour of each here.

Fun Facts 

Club Fitness is locally owned (and employee owned!) and opened their first location in St Louis in 1983.


Club Fitness offers a number of high-end amenities that are included with your membership like red light therapy (great for skin & overall health), a hydro lounge (waterbed massage), & tanning beds.  New members will receive one free personal training session & includes an InBody Composition Scan, which provides a detailed analysis of your body composition (muscle, fat and water) and helps you set goals & track progress.  The Kids Club, which is open M-Th 8-12 & 4:30-8, and Friday/Sat 8-12, will keep your kids safe & entertained while parents work out.  Locker Rooms are spacious and have showers and dry saunas.  Grab a post workout smoothie from the front desk on the way out!    

Final Thoughts

Some of the classes are on-point, while others miss the mark, but for $39.99 a month and access to all locations/amenities, Club Fitness is a great value.

Visit the Club Fitness website to learn more.

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