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signage outside burn boot camp in kirkwood, mo.  open door to welcome in gym-goers
Exterior views of Burn Boot Camp in Kirkwood, one of five locations in the St. Louis area.

Overview of Burn Boot Camp

From my first workout at Burn Boot Camp, I could tell it was a special place.  The workout not only kicked my butt and left me sore for 4 days, but the people I met were friendly, warm and had glowing things to say about their experience at Burn.  The members at Burn are the biggest advocates, siting physical & mental improvements since joining – anything from losing weight and gaining muscle mass, to making their best friends and improving self-esteem.

Burn Boot Camp is a boutique fitness studio offering 45 minute “camps” (aka boot camp workouts) that push you to challenge your body & lift heavy. At Burn, you will never do the same workout twice. 

I won a one-month free trial to Burn thru a St Louis Mom giveaway and the connections I made at Burn in just one month are unparalleled to anywhere else I have worked out.  I can’t speak more highly about my experience here.  It’s the perfect fitness studio if you are looking to be physically challenged, held accountable to your goals, and seeking a community of kind & encouraging women, particularly mothers. 

Already seeing improvement in my goal of toning up my arms after working out at Burn Bootcamp for 1 month.

Locations for Burn Boot Camp

Burn is a national franchise and has over 300 locations in the US across 39 states.  There are 5 locations in the St Louis area, see on a map:

  1. *Kirkwood –  10431 Manchester Road
  2. *Manchester (new location opened Dec 2023) – 14206 Manchester Rd
  3. O’Fallon (MO) –  6706 State Rte N
  4. St. Charles – 1588 Country Club Plaza Dr
  5. South County – 5426 S Lindbergh Blvd

*locations visited by FitnessFoodieSTL and experiences are represented in this review.

Who Would Like Burn Boot Camp

  • Those seeking a kind & inclusive community of people looking to better themselves.
  • Moms in need of childcare while they workout
  • Individuals seeking nutrition guidance and accountability for their goals
  • People willing to push themselves, try new things and lift heavy weights
  • Anyone that enjoys high energy vibes & high fives
women line up on the signature "floating floor" with hand weights before class at Burn Boot Camp at Manchester.
Burn is a popular destination for women aged 25-55, although all ages & genders are welcome. Participants lining up on the signature “floating floor” before a 9:30am class at the Manchester location.

Camp (aka Class) at Burn Boot Camp

Camps are offered 6 days a week (every day except Sundays) from 4:45AM & to 6:30 PM on weekdays, and from 7am to 10:30 on Saturdays.  Individual class times vary by location, check the website or app for specifics. 

Each Sunday they publish their weekly “protocol” (aka daily schedule) which details which muscle groups will be targeted on each day.  Camps alternate between strength and conditioning days.

Examples of the types of classes you may see on the weekly protocol include (but aren’t limited to):

  • Push & Pull – a strength class with emphasis on chest and back
  • Metabolic Conditioning – cardio class with higher reps of lighter weights. 
  • Bodyweight Conditioning – another form of cardio that includes more calisthenics
  • Lower Body Strength – strength class with emphasis on legs, butt and core

Camps begin with an active group warm-up (examples: butt kicks, rapid fire punches, cross jacks, etc), then you will be broken into groups or partners for appx. 35 mins of circuit style rotations using various equipment (think hand weights, kettlebells, jump boxes, TRX bands, and more), and ends with a 5 min group “finisher” aka challenge (ie burpees, weighted wall squats, crunches, etc.).

Burn Boot Camp participants congregating after class and adding to the community feel of this gym.
The community at Burn is unparalleled, people often congregate before/after class.

What Makes Burn Boot Camp Unique 

  • The community feel – The coaches & members at Burn create a welcoming and inclusive environment.  Burn facilitates member interaction with frequent high fives, partner workouts and continuous celebration of individual and group achievements.  They also have an online Facebook group, where members share words of encouragement & support.  Often members can be seen chatting before or after class.
  • The signature “floating floor” – With the goal ofabsorbing shock & preventing injury, Burn’s raised, soft cushion floor is a huge perk.  It has a little bounce and is fun to work-out on.  I have an old foot injury that acts up from time to time and found the floating floor at Burn minimizes the impact.     
  • Unlimited “focus meetings” – These one-on-one meetings with a Burn trainer give you time to focus on whatever is top of brain for you.  They generally start with an In Body assessment (which looks at muscle mass/body fat percentages) and a conversation about your goals.  In my focus meeting, we discussed my goal of toning up and losing fat.  Christy shared a few things to focus on, like eating more protein, drinking more water and attending Camp on all strength days.  She also suggested I book another Focus Meeting to assess my progress.   You can also use this time to get pointers on form or discuss exercise modifications for your specific needs. 
  • Top Notch Childwatch program – unlike other studios, Burn takes great pride in their childcare services, offering activities for children of all ages.  The playrooms are stocked with games, puzzles, books, pretend play and arts & crafts.  I brought my oldest son, Benji (7) to a class at Manchester, and while I broke a sweat, he built a castle with Magnatiles and navigated a Word Search.  He noticed that many of the other kids knew each other, again another sign of a strong community!
Burn Boot Camp trainer reviewing printed results of InBody scan during a one on one focus meeting.
Burn Boot Camp trainer, Kristy Allgeyer, reviewing printed results of my InBody scan during a one on one “focus meeting”. Memberships included unlimited focus meetings to discuss fitness goals and more.


  • As a newbie coming in, you might feel overwhelmed by the instructions given (there is a a lot!) and the terminology used, but you will pick up more and more each visit.  Plan to follow the lead of those around you – the community will not lead you astray!  You can also ask the front desk to share their Cheat Sheet of terminology with you.
  • Be prepared to push yourself.  They encourage the use of heavy weights – please know the lightest weight option is 10lbs.  It’s quite humbling to know how far these women have come and how strong they are!
burn boot camp trainer encouraging paraticipant to do assisted pull up.  3 women in plank position
Left: Burn Boot Camp member being coached how to do an assisted pull-up. Right: A rotation during “arms day” at Burn Kirkwood location challenged participants to do weighted plank rows.

Membership Options 

They make several membership types depending on how often you want to come:

  • Universal Memberships get you access to unlimited classes at all 5 St. Louis locations.  Depending on the number of months you commit to the price will vary – As of Jan 2024, an 18-months membership is $149/month, a 12-month membership is $159/month & a 6-month membership is $174/month.
  • If you don’t want unlimited classes or to commit to a specific number of months, you can also purchase 5 classes per month for $96/month, or 10/month for $137.  
  • Another option is to purchase a Fit Card, which works like a traditional punch card.  You can buy a 10 camp pack for $193 or 20 camp pass for $385.
  • Get a free 7-day free trial here – I hope you love it as much as I do! 
  • You can also book individual classes thru Classpass, but these do NOT include childcare!
  • For an additional $15/monthly you can go to ANY Burn location around the country. 
  • They also offer on-demand classes via the Burn app for an extra $20/month. 

Fun Facts

  • All 5 St Louis locations are owned by Chelsea Theodoropoulos.  She also occasionally teaches, and I was lucky enough to attend her class.  She has an incredible story, check out her personal blog here
  • Burn sells nutrition products and supplements, so if you are interested in items like Protein powders, collagen, or creatine – you can get them at Burn! 
room full of kids activities and toys
Childwatch program at Burn Boot Camp allows parents to get 45 minutes of “me” time while the kids are entertained.


  • Hand Towels
  • Showers at select locations (BYO products & towel)
  • Childwatch aka Childcare – Your membership includes childcare for up to 5 children per day!  Book this in advance on the app to reserve your spot.

Final Thoughts

Burn Boot Camp gives me all the feels, I’ve really grown to appreciate all the high fives, tough love and encouragement here.  In case you didn’t know this about me, I’m a bit of a gym commitment phobe right now,  but at a different point in my life I would have 100% committed to this gym.  Regardless, I’m a big fan of Burn and plan to keep it in my forever rotation.    If you are looking to achieve results, trainers that will hold you accountable, and a supportive community – this is your spot.  

Visit the Burn Boot Camp website to learn more

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Have you taken a class at the Burn Boot Camp?  Comment on your experience below!

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