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Read FitnessFoodieSTL’s fitness center review for CycleBar, which offers indoor cycling classes in St. Louis.

a smiling cyclebar instructor, on top of her stationary bike on stage in the front of the room at the creve coeur location of cyclebar.
CycleBar instructor, Caroline Becker, gearing up for a 45 min indoor cycling class at the Creve Coeur location.

Overview of CycleBar

With club-like lights and a bumping playlist, CycleBar’s immersive cycling classes feel more like a “dance party on a bike” than a trip to the gym.  Push yourself to the limit at one of CycleBar’s 4 locations across the St. Louis Metro area.  You will get an intense workout that is not only challenging, but also fun!  Hop on your stationary bike, clip on your cycling shoes (provided) and let’s ride!  

I find CycleBar classes to be transcendent – something about the dark room, the rapid beat of my heart and the sweat pouring down – I can close my eyes and my mind goes somewhere else.  It’s an experience I haven’t found anywhere else.  Ever since my foot injury in 2020, I have a hard time running.  Cycling gives me the “runners high” that I miss but without the impact to my feet. 

Who Would Like CycleBar

  • Music Inspired Exercisers – If the playlist keeps you motivated, you will love all the artist and theme inspired rides at CycleBar (think Ciara vs Mariah Carey, Grunge vs Gears, Movie Themed rides, and so many more) 
  • Cardio Fans – If you are craving a good sweat session or endorphin release –a workout at CycleBar will be sure to leave you feeling happy as you push through an intense cardio blast.
  • Night Club Lovers – If you love the feeling of being in ‘da club, CycleBar is your jam!  The dark room is dimly lit by colorful stage lights that change throughout the class. The upbeat vibes play loudly to imitate the feeling of being at a nightclub, only without the hangover!
inside glimpse of the "cycletheater" at cyclebar with 50+ empty stationary bikes and colorful lighting dramatically lighting up the otherwise dark room
A glimpse inside CycleBar’s state of the art “CycleTheaters”, where riders will experience an immersive, multi-sensory indoor cycling class.

What Makes CycleBar Unique

  • The instructors, each with their own personalities and music preferences, make your ride fun!  They act not only as your coach, but also DJ helping you stay inspired & achieve your goals. 
  • All your statistics (aka CycleStats) will be tracked during your ride including your RPM (speed), your Resistance (how hard you pedal), your Power (combo stat of speed/resistance), and Distance, etc.   You will get a custom email tracking your progress after class to help you work towards your next achievement. 
  • Special cycling shoes are provided and will click into your stationary bike.  They are sanitized after each user.
  • As a new rider, the instructor or CycleBar employee will “fit” you onto the bike.  They will make sure the seat and handlebars are the ideal distance & height for your frame.  
wall of lockers with built-in locks shows the words "welcome to cyclebar natalie bike 51" in dry erase marker
Creating a sense of community is a cornerstone of the CycleBar brand. At CycleBar, you ride together to the beat of the music.

CycleBar Locations, Amenities & Membership Pricing

There are 4 CycleBar locations in the St. Louis Metro area, however, they are not all affiliated.  Only the Richmond Heights & Creve Coeur locations have a membership that works across both locations. 

All locations have lockers with built-in locks to store your valuables, filtered water, hand towels, and bathrooms.  Additional amenities will vary by location, notes below. 

Membership pricing will also vary by location.  All studios offer memberships of 4 or 8 classes a month and Unlimited memberships – the more you ride, the lower the per class cost.  They often run new rider specials and promotions.  Pricing below is as of April 2024 and subject to change, please get the latest from the location directly.  

exterior of the Richmond Heights location of cyclebar.  stripmall with glass windows and doors and cyclebar signage.  firehouse subs is next door.
Rock Your Ride at the CycleBar in Richmond Heights, one of 4 CycleBar locations in the St. Louis Metro Area.

1. *Creve Coeur 11625 Olive Blvd. 63141

2. *Richmond Heights 8025 Dale Ave.  63117

  • Creve Coeur & Richmond Heights locations have showers
  • Both of these locations are owned by Paul Schnapp and a membership at one can be used at both locations.
  • Pricing:
    • Monthly Unlimited = $159,
    • 8 rides x month= $119, 4 rides x month = $69. 
    • Check with them about discounted New Rider specials and class packages. 
    • Student & military discounts are available.

3. *O’Fallon, MO – 2285 Highway K. 63368

  • This location is owned by Rob Willard and managed by his daughter, Jessica Hollander.  It’s truly a family-run business & they strive to treat their members like family too.   
  • This location has “smart bikes” that can auto adjust the resistance – so cool!
  • Pricing:   
    • Unlimited Rides – $99/month
    • 8x/month – $89
    • 4x/month – $59
    • If you join after your 1st free ride, you might be eligible for New Rider Specials, check with the club directly.  

4. Mid Rivers – 5292 N Service Rd.  St. Peters, 6337

Your first ride at CycleBar is always free – visit this link to sign up for your first class! CycleBar is also available to book on ClassPass

*locations visited and referenced in this review

a view from the back of the cyclebar theatre where you see the back of several cyclebar riders holding a body bar in the air during upper body strength
CycleBar classes offer a full body workout, with 4lb or 6lb body bars used to target upper body strength.

CycleBar Classes

There are several class formats at CycleBar and in all of them you will ride to the beat of the music.  Most of the classes are 45 mins in length, although they do offer a 30 min Xpress and an occasional longer 60 or 75 min class.  Over the course of the class, your instructor will advise when to crank up or down the resistance, when to pedal faster or slower & when to stand up or sit down.  In my personal experience, the class formats are all similar with the exception of Strength, that offers 3x the upper body strength building exercises than a typical class. See below for more detail:  

  • Foundation – beginner/all levels class, this is a great 1st class for anyone new to indoor cycling; 50% in the saddle/50% out of the saddle, screen statistics are on
  • Classic – their signature ride for all levels, 70% out of the saddle, 30% in the saddle, screen statistics are on
  • Connect – statistics performance monitors are turned off giving you a better chance to focus on your mind/body connection; 70% out of the saddle, 30% in the saddle
  • Strength – their newest format, 3 songs dedicated to Upper Body Strength using your choice of a 4lb or 6lb bar. For a challenge, hold both bars for a combined weight of 10lbs.  Expect movements like bicep curls, tricep dips, shoulder press, isometric holds, etc.
  • Empower – all levels, slower tempos without choreography, larger emphasis in the seat, 30% out of the saddle, 70% in the saddle
  • Performance – ideal for more Advanced riders, tap into your inner athlete, this class places are larger emphasis on statistics and creating friendly competition between you and other riders.  70% out of the saddle, 30% in the saddle
  • Xpress – 30 min all levels intervals class includes cool down

Fun Facts About CycleBar

  • CycleBar is a national franchise and is the largest indoor cycling brand with more the 220 locations in the US. 
  • CycleBar was founded in 2004 and headquartered in Irvine, CA. 
2 women, one instructor with headset microphone and one class attendee, smiling & giving a thumbs up before entering a cyclebar class
Lindsey Douglas, a CycleBar instructor, at the O’Fallon location is one of my favorite instructors and always makes class fun!

Pro Tips for Taking A Class At CycleBar

  • If you don’t have as much experience cycling, have no fear – just go at a pace that feels good to you. Cycling for 30+ minutes is hard work. No biggie if you don’t crank up the resistance as high or as often as the instructor may lead you to, you do you! Showing up is the most important thing 🙂
  • You will be assigned a bike if you book on Classpass, but can request to move to a better location once you get there (or next to a friend!).  I prefer riding in the middle back so you can get a clear line of the instructor and also be able to see most of the other riders. 
  • I’ve never had an instructor I don’t like – but time will really fly by if you take one of Lindsey Douglas’ classes!  She teaches at the O’Fallon location and is also an instructor at another studio I frequent – The Row House.

Final Thoughts

CycleBar is a multi-sensory, music-driven cycling class that will leave you feeling like a million bucks!  A Cyclebar class is the perfect cure for a dreary day or when you are feeling low.  Close your eyes and let the music take you higher! 

Visit the CycleBar website to learn more.

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Have you worked out at CycleBar?  Comment on your experience below!

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