The Ultimate Guide to ClassPass in St. Louis: Your Ticket to Fitness Freedom


In a bustling metropolitan area like St. Louis, locals are blessed to have a tremendous amount of fitness offerings at their fingertips – from “big box” gyms to boutique studios.  Yet, all those options can make deciding which gym to join feel daunting.  Enter ClassPass, a revolutionary platform transforming the way people approach their fitness journey. With its diverse array of classes and flexible scheduling, ClassPass is redefining how you can break-a-sweat, offering unparalleled freedom and variety. 

2 women standing against F45 signage, smiling after their funcational fitness workout at F45.
Redeem your ClassPass credits at over 30,000 gyms worldwide. F45 offers functional fitness classes & has 15 locations in the St. Louis area available for booking.

What is ClassPass and How Does It Work?

ClassPass is a subscription-based service that grants members access to a wide range of fitness classes across various studios and gyms in their city. From yoga and Pilates to HIIT and cycling, ClassPass offers something for everyone, regardless of fitness level or preferred workout style.  With different plan & price point levels, your membership entitles you to a specified number of ClassPass “credits” that can be redeemed at various fitness studios across St. Louis (and in over 2500 cities in the world!).  A ClassPass membership can supplement your traditional gym membership OR can be your only gym membership.   

The number of credits needed to book a class varies from business to business and is based on the time, location, and popularity of the reservation.   In addition to fitness classes, you can also book beauty & wellness services with your ClassPass credits like a blow-out, facial, pedicure and more. 

inside of a beauty salon, a women with short brown hair is seated in a swival chair facing a mirror.  She is having her hair blown dry by a female hairdresser with long brown wavy hair.
Your ClassPass credits aren’t just for exercise! You can also redeem credits for beauty & wellness services like haircut, blow-out or manicure.

Why Choose ClassPass in St. Louis?

  1. Variety: The St. Louis area is teeming with fitness options, and ClassPass makes them readily available to you.  With a single subscription, members gain access to an extensive network of studios and gyms, ensuring that monotony never creeps into your fitness routine. Whether you’re craving the zen of a yoga session or the adrenaline rush of a boot camp class, ClassPass has you covered.
  2. Flexibility: One of the biggest perks of ClassPass is its flexibility. Unlike traditional gym memberships that lock you into one location, ClassPass lets you explore different studios and classes without any commitment.  And with hundreds of locations in the St. Louis area to try-on-for-size (and 30,000 in the world) you are never far from your next sweat session.  With ClassPass, you have the freedom to book classes on-the-go, from your mobile app, and tailor your workouts to suit your busy lifestyle. 
  3. Cost-Effectiveness: ClassPass offers a cost-effective alternative to traditional gym memberships, allowing members to pay with credits, which usually costs less than if they paid for single classes outside the app.  This is especially advantageous for the end user, where the cost of individual classes can add up quickly. With ClassPass, you can enjoy premium workouts at a fraction of the price, making it easier to stick to your fitness goals without breaking the bank.
  4. Community: Fitness is more than just physical exertion—it’s also about community and connection. The social feature allows you to connect with friends and see each other’s favorite studios & upcoming classes.  It’s so much more fun to work out with a friend!  You can also invite non ClassPass members to join your next fitness adventure with a custom free trial link.  
  5. Your Credits Rollover – If you don’t use all your credits in a given month, don’t worry, you won’t lose out!  They roll-over to the next month!  See below for specifics on how many credits can rollover each month by plan. 
  6. Cancellation Policy – ClassPass has no lengthy contracts or commitments – it’s simply month to month.  You can change or cancel your membership at any time. Simply request to change/cancel from your app before the next month’s cycle renews.   
  7. Get More than In-Person Classes – In addition to in-person classes, there is also a huge library of on-demand workouts available with your membership in the app that can supplement you in person workouts.  You can also use your credits to book beauty and wellness appointments, like a haircut or massage. 
A pretty smiling asian women is getting ready to lead a up for a 45 min spinning CycleBar class.  She is on her stationary bike that faces about 50 other stationary bikes.
You will never feel bored at the gym with a ClassPass membership! Try a 45 min spinning class at one of 4 St. Louis area CycleBar locations.

How to Get Started with ClassPass in St. Louis

Getting started with ClassPass is as easy as downward dog. Simply download the app, sign up for a membership, and start exploring the myriad of classes available in St. Louis. With options ranging from boutique studios to well-known gym chains, the possibilities are endless. You can search for classes by area, time, type of workout or even by specific gym name.  Tap on the class time that you want and like magic – your spot is reserved!  Want to get started with a free 2 week trial & 48 credits to use wherever you want!?!  Click here for my exclusive offer! 

How Much Does ClassPass Cost?

Prices can change based on location, here is the current pricing as of 4/26/24 for St. Louis, MO.

  • 18 credits/month = $39/mo.  18 credits can rollover each month.
  • 28 credits/month = $59/mo.  28 credits can rollover each month
  • 80 credits/month = $159/mo.  80 credits can rollover each month
  • Need more credits one month?  You can also purchase one-time credit package without changing your monthly plan, credits range from $2-3/credit depending on the quantity purchased.    
A women with brown hair and glasses looks peaceful and restful while practicing Yoga Nidra at a yoga studio.  She is lying down on the hardwood floor with pillows under her knees and blankets on her feet.  Her head is propped up with a blanket to use as a pillow.
ClassPass offers all types of fitness classes from Cardio Dance to Pilates. Try a Yoga Nidra (yogic sleep) at Love & Light Reminders in Ellisville.

Who Would Like ClassPass?

  • Commitment-Phobes – contracts run month to month
  • Fitness Variety Seekers – no shortage of places to test out
  • Travelers or Those Who Need Multi Locations – take classes anywhere in the world with your membership
  • People Tired of Losing $$ on their Gym Membership – your credits rollover

Natalie’s Personal Experience & Favorite St. Louis ClassPass Locations:

I have been using ClassPass to add variety to my workout routine for the last 2 years and I LOVE IT!  It’s one of many ways that I keep my workout routine fresh and maintain motivation for exercise. I love that I can wake up and decide based on my mood, how I want to move my body that day – maybe I’m feeling stiff and need yoga, or maybe I need to burn some energy & choose cycle. Here are some of the fitness studios in my current rotation:

See the top rated ClassPass locations to workout in St. Louis City and St. Louis County!

Is life stressing you out? Take your frustrations out on the punching bag at Box STL in Manchester, MO, redeemable with ClassPass credits.

Tips for Using ClassPass

  • Look for “price drops” on the Home page of the ClassPass app, where a studio lowered the cost per class to fill last minute openings. These reduced cost classes are ideal if you are low on points or trying to maximize the number of visits in a given month, You can also “Browse by Credits” and select <4 for the biggest values. 
  • Be aware of the cancellation policy when booking at a specific studio.  After you book a class or service, you will need to cancel within 12 hours to get your credits back.  If you don’t show up for your reservation or cancel after the cut-off, you may be charged a fee!    
  • Also be aware of cut-off times for booking. Some fitness studios require you to book at least an hour or more before class time, others are more lenient with their cut-off times. 
  • As a rule of thumb, I book as soon as I am ready to commit to showing up. Sometimes that’s 5 days in advance, sometimes it’s an hour before class starts. Keep in mind the number of credits needed for a specific class may increase or decrease the closer you get to your class time.

In Conclusion

ClassPass is more than just a fitness platform—it’s a gateway to a healthier, happier lifestyle. By offering unparalleled variety, flexibility, and affordability, ClassPass empowers St. Louisans & people all over the world to take control of their fitness journey and discover new ways to move their bodies. Why settle for the same old workout routine when you can unlock a world of possibilities with ClassPass? Embrace the freedom to sweat your way!

Learn More about ClassPass on their Website

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