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exterior entrances of NutriFormance, 1 stairway up steps lead and one stairway leading down, 2 black awnings, stone brick building
NutriFormance is currently located in the Le Chateau Village complex in Frontenac, MO. They will be moving to Creve Coeur in 2024 (date TBD).

Overview of NutriFormance

This “medium box” gym is one of my personal favorites, offering the services & amenities of a “big box gym” with a smaller, more community feel.  NutriFormance offers a huge selection of cardio and strength equipment so you can work out on your own terms or you can take one of the many group fitness & specialty classes that run 7 days a week.    The group fitness classes drew me to this gym – I find them to be quite challenging!    

I appreciate the community vibe felt at NutriFormance.  I see a lot of the same faces every time I go and many of the gym-goers have worked out at NutriFormance for decades.  All ages from young to old can be seen here but at the time I usually attend a group fitness class, around 9 or 10am, the crowd tends to be primarily 45-65 years of age (perhaps because they don’t have childcare).  But don’t get it twisted, the members here are hard core and are largely more toned & fit than I am.  Attending a Strong class is always a humbling experience!

wall of plaques showcasing the dedicated personal trainers at Nutriformance gym
Majority of the group fitness classes at NutriFormance are taught by their highly skilled Personal Trainers. This image shows just a fraction of the dedicated training staff.

What makes NutriFormance unique

  • Their group fitness instructors, many of which are also personal trainers, are top notch and make the classes unique and challenging.   In addition to teaching, they also workout alongside you – which is becoming more and more rare. 
  • NutriFormance offers a more wholistic approach to wellness than most other gyms I’ve seen.  In addition to personal training, they offer physical therapy, massage therapy and a registered dietitian to serve your needs. 
  • Athletic Republic, one arm of their business, offers sports performance training for existing & budding athletes. 

Location & Space

Currently in Frontenac, in Le Chateau Village complex.  See on a map.

Moving in Late Spring 2024 to Creve Coeur- 1033 Corporate Square Drive, Creve Coeur 63123

The gym has several rooms/spaces – with certain class types, like Spinning and Pilates, taught in an upstairs room (accessed thru outdoor stairs), and other class types taught in the group fitness studio on the main floor.  NutriFormance will be relocating sometime in 2024 (date TBD) which unite the different spaces onto one floor. 

weightlifting and cardio equipment at Nutriformance.  Barbells with weights of differing size and color, treadmills, stair climbers and more.
NutriFormance offers a huge assortment of weightlifting, strength and cardio equipment for you to use on your own.

Who Would Like NutriFormance:

  • People who want the amenities of a big box gym but the community of a boutique studio
  • Those who want personal training in a group setting.
  • Individuals who only want to pay for the parts of the gym they use – they offer many membership types – see Membership Options below  
  • Athletes & Aspiring Athletes – check out their Athletic Republic program
on left, woman stretching out on the Reformer Pilates machine.  On right, Nutriformance's cycling studio shows instructor biking with 2 attendees.
NutriFormance offers small & large group fitness classes including Reformer Pilates & Cycling.

Classes at NutriFormance

They offer a huge breadth of classes that run nearly all day, 7 days a week. Enjoy classes like Yoga, Reformer Pilates, or Fit For Life (designed for 55+). Each class is 60 mins.  My favorite group fitness classes include:

  • Strong – This class always keeps me on my toe & kicks my a$$!  A bootcamp style class that mixes in cardio, balance, calisthenics & weight training leveraging various equipment (think kettlebells, hand weights, sliders, etc)
  • Spin & Strength – 30 mins of spinning & 30 mins of strength.  If you miss Spenga, (the spin/strength/yoga studio that closed its doors in Fall 2023) – this is the closest class I’ve found to it!  You can do your own yoga at the end 😊
  • Hike & Hybrid – An interval class that rotates between steep inclines on the treadmill and strength training in the group fitness room.

Fun Facts About NutriFormance:

  • NutriFormance is locally owned for 25+ years by Ellie & Dale Huff.  They are often on-site and very kind!
  • Voted top Fitness Center by Ladue News Readers 10+ times!
small group training class with 3 women & a personal trainer showing various equipment used like step platform & trx bands
This small group training class (up to 4 people) is taught by a one of their highly skilled Personal Trainers on NutriFormance’s main floor.

Membership Options

They have 3 different membership options depending on what services you are most interested in, with the most basic membership starting at $69/month.  Inquire at the Gym or via their web form for more details. 

  1. Basic Fitness Membership –  Work out on your own
  2. Hybrid Fitness Membership – Basic membership + all the large group fitness classes 
  3. Small Group Training Membership:  Hybrid Fitness Membership + small group training classes with a personal trainer (up to 4 people) & Reformer Pilates. 

They also offer a 7-day free trial on their website, and some of their classes are available to book via Classpass.

NutriFormance instructor is demoing weighted lunges off the step platform while class attendees follow along.
NutriFormance’s Strong Class taught by Amy Strahan in the Group Fitness Studio, is a personal favorite and provides a full body workout.

Amenities –

  • Towels (hand and body)
  • Locker rooms with showers (plus shampoo, conditioner and body wash)
  • Self Care Essentials like hair blow-dryer, spray deodorant, q-tips, etc. 
  • Sauna

Final Thoughts –

I love coming here as I always know I will get a great workout & my ass-kicked!  Amy Strahan is my favorite instructor – take ANY of her classes!

Visit the NutriFormance Website to Learn More

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