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Asian fusion restaurant serving the some of the best ramen noodle soup I’ve ever had.  Nudo is best known for their Ramen Noodle Soups but offer other classic Asian favorites like Vietnamese Pho, Bahn Mi Sandwiches and popular appetizers like Edamame and Crab Rangoon.   The also serve Japanese beer & soft serve ice cream!

exterior image of nudo house in creve coeur
The Creve Coeur location of Nudo House is in the West Oak Shopping Center

The Space

Nudo House is a fast-casual restaurant where you order at the counter, then seat yourself. Food runners will quickly deliver your food and bus your table when you are finished.  The aesthetic is clean, and modern with artistic Asian accents.


Great for a quick & delicious lunch or dinner; dine in or carry out.  Delivery is also available thru Uber Eats.   My 7 year old son and I visited the Creve Coeur location and we both equally enjoyed the experience.  They offer a kids menu with simplistic versions of their entrees.  We dined in and also got Ramen takeout for my husband and they packed it up carefully, separating the broth from the noodles/toppings so it travelled well.  I would definitely come back for a solo meal, a casual business or family friendly meal.  We ate around 11:45am on a Monday and they were busy with a very steady flow of takeout business in addition to dine in.  Despite the lunch rush, service was QUICK and we were in & out within 35 mins!  

interior images nudo house in Creve Coeur.
The space is bright and clean & fast service keeps the tables turning over quickly.


Nudo House has 2 Locations , one in Creve Coeur and the other University City off Delmar.

Fun Facts

Nudo House is co-owned by Qui Tran and Marie-Anne Velasco.  Tran’s mother is the owner of Mai Lee, another legendary Vietnamese-Chinese staple in STL.

bowl of classic nudo pork ramen soup, texture, roasted pork, seaweed, sesame seeds, bamboo shoots, ajisuake tamago soft boiled egg
I’m still dreaming about this Classic Nudo Pork Ramen with its savory broth & perfectly cooked Ajisauke Tamago.

What To Eat

  • Classic Nudo Pork Ramen –savory, opaque pork broth was full of flavor & texture, with seaweed, sesame seeds, soft noodles to perfectly cooked noodles.  My favorite part – the Ajitsuke Tamago (marinated soft cooked egg), which added even more richness and flavor to the Ramen. PRO TIP – eat slow… these` noodles are filling!  I was stuffed after eating about half of my ramen and took the rest home. 
  • Kids Ramen with Chicken – My son who is still quite picky loved this soup.  The chicken broth was more clear than the pork broth and had hunks of dark meat chicken inside.  No other herbs, etc were included like in the adult version.  Plain and simple!
  • Charred Edamame – steamed and topped with Nudo Furikake (a blend of seasonings).  My son thought it was a little too spicy and preferred the plain edamame underneath.  This was a nice side dish to accompany the soups.
steamed edamame appetizer topped with charred seasoning and bowl of kids chicken ramen soup showing broth, noodles and dark meat chicken
Left: Charred Edamame. Right: Kids Chicken Ramen

Final Thoughts

I look forward to returning soon to try a Bahn Mi sandwich (and perhaps another bowl of that delicious Ramen)!

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